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1. Better to train for a survival that helps to withstand the present
conditions and at the same time realizes another future right
here in the now. 

2. Acid Collège (the, f): educational institution, school, study community,
institute; Vernacular: school for survival in caustic conditions,
hanging-together-on-a-trippy-trip; from French
from Latin
acidus (“sour, tart, acid, bitter”), from aceō (“I am sour,
I am disagreeable”) and borrowed from Englisch college , which goes
back to Old French collège; "The kids went for 3 years to the
ACID Collège for a start“, „At the ACID Collège we try to rehearse
for a different consciousness and a different practice, ones that help,
to survive the given conditions", „What are these AST-publications
about, that the ACID Collège is publishing?"

3. "Just as I can feel the conditions, how they try to penetrate me, try to 
colonize my thinking, wishing, and doing, want to enslave me and
push me to control and to fit me in, I now feel my finger tips on the
keys, the heels of my hands, a little sweaty and warm on the plastic,
then my feet on the ground, my back against the wood, somehow
also the fine, high-frequency pulse of the particles, as the transport
rhythms, ambiances, images and information into my body, and now
again the flowers lean themselves over to me out of the pots and
try to tip over into my eyes."

momentarily, the acid college operates one department in Hannover as
well as one in Berlin and is mainly run by prép gúrrugu, Sebastian
Stein, survival sissi and Micha Bonk.

deepi2    tree

acid survival trainings

In irregular intervals, the acid collège organizes acid survival
trainings. these trainings are workshop-like sessions in which
we try to get aware of the conditions we live under and that
constitute us and from there try to train for a different mode
of action. For example, through embodiment of our discussions.
In the end, it's about finding new ways of daily doing, rituals, and
infra-structures that enable us to survive differently.

                    > here's  a short radio feature by radio dreyecksland
                                on a recent traingin (in german)



Parallel to the trainings the college publishes the so-called ASTs,
in which we try to broaden, to deepen or in another way to
continue the conversations, thoughts, attemps, techniques or
whatever else came up before, during or after the trainings.

until now we published:

lila ast

AST (lilac)

A5, 20 pages, German language, by Acid Collège crew
anti-copyright Winter 2020
(i.a. acid survival, infra-structures, practical acid rituals,
META, human-non-human, politics)

6 €  >>> order here

apricot ast

AST (apricot)

A5, 20 pages, German language, by Acid Collège crew  (with
texts, twists, interpretations, murmurs, implicit inspirations of
Bettina Vismann, Marcello Tarí, Micha Bonk, Marie Meyer-Sahling,
Wolf-Dieter Störl, Sebastian Stein, Nicholaus Thoburn,
Georges Bataille, Starhawk, the DEEP RUINE RESEARCH group
and Jasmin and Ti from the ZAD)

anti-copyright Spring 2020
(i.a. territory, MAGIC, infra-structures, rituals,survival in
the metropolis, rituals, rooms)

6 €  >>> order here



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